April Meeting

The Sunny Sixteen Camera Club met Tuesday April 8th, 2014 with president Sheila Reeves presiding.

There were three visitors, Keith McGregor, Janell McGregor and Steve Pyle.

The following announcements were made by president Sheila Reeves:


  • Stonehaven Gallery photographs are to be picked up on April 28th, 4-6  P.M.
  • Kirby Library exhibit is in progress.
  • Women in the Arts exhibit at the Medical Center photographs are due Wednesday April 9th for the three day weekend exhibit.
  • Kentucky State Fair is August 14th-24th. www.kystatefair.org for details. Entry date May 5th
  • Gallery Hop, Sunny Sixteen will be exhibiting at the Presbyterian Church on State Street June 6th to August 7th.  Contact Cheree Federico.
  • Teresa Smith, Gretchen Gilkey and Tommy Hatcher will hold an exhibit atB & J Gallery


  • Dry Fork Gorge, Saturday April 26th, 8:30 in Edmonton, Ky.  See website  for directions.
  • Brentwood Photo Club will present Christian Sperka and his photographs of Africa.  Contact Sheila Reeves if interested in attending.


  • April 26th at Cumberland Trace Elementary School.  Club volunteers will photograph immigrant families.
  • April 17th Club volunteers will photograph at Presidents Volunteer Awards.

John Humkey presented the slide show of the club challenges for April.

Jerry Rose presented a slide show “Under Stage Lights”.  The photographs were concert photos taken while shooting in difficult lighting.  Please let Sheila Reeves know if you have a slide show to present.

The club then broke up into groups.  The groups were led by the following:  Jerry Rose on Photoshop Elements,  Alison Houk on Photoshop,  Ronnie Ryne on Lightroom, Gretchen Gilkey on Light Painting, Scott Skaggs on Speed Lighting.

Respectfully submitted,
William Sledge                    

Dry Fork Gorge Club Outing

Date: April 26 Time: 8:30

Directions to Dry Fork Gorge

From Bowling Green take I-65 north then take the Cumberland Parkway east toward Glasgow and get off at the Edmonton exit. Ramp off the parkway and turn left onto 68 & 80. Take a right onto the Old Glasgow Rd. (Route 3234). Make a left turn onto Branstetter Road (do not turn on the Dry Fork Road). Go down Branstetter Road until you reach the end.

March minutes

The Sunny Sixteen Camera Club met Tuesday March 11th, 2014 with president Sheila Reeves presiding.

There was one visitor, Betsy Burns and one new member, Julie Lynch.

Handouts were distributed showing the activities of the club.  Copies of the by-laws were also available.  A table was set up for sales of old equipment by club members.

The winners of awards in the U. S. Bank Celebration of the Arts were announced.  Teresa Smith won first place in the Professional Photography category for her photograph “Tears of Red”.  Michael Ingram won second place in the Professional Photography category for his photograph “Lily’.  William Sledge won second place in the Amateur Mixed Media category for his artwork “Tear Rock”.  William Sledge also won third place in the Amateur Fiber Arts category for his artwork “Pin Stripes”.  Congratulations to the winners.

The speaker for the evening was Jeanie Adams-Smith.  She showed and talked about photographs taken on a Western Kentucky University project.  The project is to photograph small farms around the world.  Some of the countries she had visited were Ireland, France, England, and Italy.  She photographed pig farms, sheep farms, dairies, organic vegetable farms,  vineyards, and farmers markets.  She also documented the daily activities and family life of the people running these operations.  She hopes to visit China in the near future.  Thanks to Jeanie for a very informative presentation.

Bill Dow talked about the Third Saturday program at the Alive Center on March 16th.  He will talk about portrait lighting, portrait styles, lighting placement, physics of lighting and lighting simulators. 

At the next fourth Tuesday meeting, March 25th, at the Alive Center Allison Houk will show how to photograph cut glass lit with colorful gel. 

Tommy Hatcher talked about next month’s program for April 8th.  Tables will be set up and manned by different members of the club to discuss and show various photography techniques.

John Humkey presented the slide show of the open challenge and the pattern challenge.  The challenge for April is side lighting.

Keith Bridgman presented a slide show of the photographs taken with olive oil and water.  Many club members’ photographs were shown.  The photographs were taken during the 4th Tuesday club meeting in February.

Teresa and Steve Smith presented a slide show of photograph taken during a visit to the Great Smokey Mountains.  Photographs of landscapes, log buildings and wildlife were shown.

President Sheila Reeves asked for volunteers to prepare a slide show of their photographs for future meetings.

The following show announcements were made:

Stonehaven Gallery art pickup date is April 28th.

Kirby Branch of the Public Library exhibit delivery date is April 1st at 9:00A.M.

Women in the Arts at The Medical Center; entry form due March 21st, delivery date April 9th.

The following outings were announced:

Saturday March 22nd Western Style Horse and Cowboys.  Contact Keith Bridgeman.

Saturday April 19th or 26th  Dry Creek Gorge Wildflowers and Waterfalls.  Contact Theresa Smith.

Tuesday June 3rd Brentwood Photography Group presents Christian Sperka and photographs from Africa.  Contact Sheila Reeves.

Respectfully submitted

William Sledge, Secretary

Exhibit at The Presbyterian Church is coming up soon

The Sunny 16 Club will have an exhibit in the Presbyterian Church Gallery from June 6, 2014 – August 7, 2014. We will want to put our best foot forward for this show. Start planning now for what you want to exhibit – usually 2 or 3 pieces per person, depending on the number that sign up. This venue is great for large pieces of art. Also, be thinking about a possible title for this show – something general enough to encompass a wide variety of styles and subjects.