November Club Meeting Notes

The November 10, 2015 meeting of Sunny 16 Camera Club was called to order by president Sheila Reeves.

The Sunny 16 show at the Presbyterian Church Gallery is up through December 3rd.  If you can not be there to get your photos, please make arrangements for someone to  pick them up for you.

The 4th Tuesday meeting for November and December are canceled.  They will resume on January 26, 2016.  Bring your cameras, laptops, or prints you’d like instructional or help with.

The December 8th meeting will be our annual potluck Christmas party for members and guests.  The club will provide meat and drinks.  Please bring a side dish or dessert.  There will be prizes given out.

Sheila Reeves introduced BOARD MEMBERS who have agreed to serve in 2016:

Program Coordinator-Tommy Hatcher

Education Coordinators- Donn Mierti & Bill Dow

Technology Coordinator- John Humkey

Exhibit Coordinator- Julie Barrick

Web Master- John Mayeur

According to the by laws board members do not have to be elected by the membership.


President- Larry Burnham

Vice President- Janet Young

Secretary- Sheila Lunty

Treasurer- Erin Denny

There were no nominations from the floor.  Election and installation of officers will be in January.

If you are interested in serving as an officer or on a committee please see Sheila Reeves or the coordinator of the group you are willing to serve on.

We have been invited to participate in a program by the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Louisville, on January 23-24, 2016.  There will be classes suitable for beginner through intermediate amateur photographers shooting digital cameras. Group pricing for the Louisville is $179 per person for both days, $129 for one day.  Your group code saves you a total of $20 off the one or two day full price.   The same classes will be offered in Nashville.  for more information go to

The group codes you need to register for these prices are CC0216 for Louisville and CC0516 for Nashville.

We had two visitors; Edward Moss & Tedd Smith, who did join.

MEMBER SLIDE SHOWS: Jenny Wiley State Park Resort- 5 members

Julie Barrick- Yellowstone and Grand Tetons

Hack McCauley- Road Trip- Sioux Falls, SD, Badlands, Custer State Park, and several other beautiful places.


Erin Denny set up and demonstrated how to do “Head Shots”.

Sheila Reeves set up a “Christmas Still Life” photography


Respectively submitted,

Sheila Lunty Secretary


October Club Meeting Notes

The October meeting of Sunny 16 Camera club was brought to order by President Sheila Reeves. First topic up was congratulating Theresa Smith for being the featured artist in October’s SOKY Happenings magazine. Way to go Theresa!

Sunny 16 will have their show at the Presbyterian Church Gallery- drop off is Thursday Oct. 15th and photos will be hung Friday Oct. 16th, with the Gallery Hop that evening.The club outing to Jenny Wiley State Park is October 23-25th. If you have not signed up or gotten a room and still want to go, you can call 606-889-1790 to check on room availability.

There are several photography opportunities coming up: Saturday October 17 the Medical Center 10K Classic.October 17,24 and 31. Chaney’s Dairy has a Corn Maze 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.The Rail Park offers Haunted Lantern Tours October 15/16 (6-9p.m.), 22/23(5-9 p.m.), and 29/30 from 6-9 p.m.Kentucky Down Under offers the third annual CARVAROO AUCTION- 2015 Carvaroo Chainsaw Art Carving Expo and Auction October 29,-31. The auction is Saturday October 31, at 3 p.m.

At the next 2nd Tuesday meeting, November 10th, the challenge is Try Something New. This is an opportunity try a new photography or editing technique. If you have never done a portrait, or a sports shot, now is the time to try “something new”. There is no time limit on these photos so if it is something you have done in the past or just trying now it is eligible.

The December 2nd Tuesday meeting will be our Christmas Party for members and guests. It will be December 8th. Please bring a side dish or dessert. The club will provide meat and drinks.There will be several nice prizes given out.

October 27th is the fourth Tuesday meeting at the ALIVE Center. Review topic is “Try Something New”. These meetings are a great forum for asking questions about any aspect of Photography- equipment, techniques, post processing, etc. It is also a great forum for having your work critiqued in a friendly and supportive way. This month you can bring your cameras for a follow up on Donn Miertil’s Light series.

There is still time to volunteer to run for office or serve on a committee. The candidates are presented at the November meeting, and nominations can be made through that date. The elections are held at the January meeting. If there are any contested offices we will have paper ballots, otherwise we have the option of accepting the “slate by acclamation”.

We have been invited to participate in a program by the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Louisville in January 2016. This is an immersion based, hands on group discussion/class and there will be follow up “assignments”. They are offering $20 off registration. There is also one in Nashville in February so Sheila Reeves will contact them and see if this offer can be used for either one.

NEW MEMBER: Darlene Redman

VISITOR: Jennifer King, a photojournalism student from WKU.

MEMBER SLIDE SHOW: Keith Bridgman- Time of My Life- model shots.

At the next meeting, November 10th, we will try to sign into the Sunny 16 website/gallery and walk through how to enter the photo gallery for challenges and personal galleries.

Respectfully submitted,

Sheila Lunty


September Club Meeting Notes

President Sheila Reeves called the September 8, 2015 meeting of Sunny 16 Camera club to order shortly after 7. She read a note from Randy Hansbrough thanking John Humkey and Doug Humphrey for taking photos of the bowling Green Sprint Triathlon.

Next was a note from Bill Harrigan about the Zombie Walk,Saturday, Sept. 19th. They will begin with makeup application in the parking lot of D93 (804 College Street}at 1p.m. Walk begins at 4. To post pictures or to register for this walk check out Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk will be Saturday, October 3rd from 9-11 a.m. Meet in front of the Presbyterian Church. You must register for this at– enter zip code 42101.

Sunny 16 Show at the Presbyterian Church Gallery will in October. Please submit information on the number of pieces you wish to display to Cheree no later than October 9th. Delivery will be October 15th and the Gallery Hop is Friday, October 16th. For more information check out Cheree’s post on Sunny 16’s Facebook page.

A group of rooms has been reserved until September 23rd for the club outing to Jenny Wiley State Park October 23-25. To claim a room, please call 606-889-1790. The cost is $72.68+tax per night. Please let Sheila Reeves know if you are going so that arrangements can be made to get everyone together.

September’s 4th Tuesday meeting at the Alive Center is September 22nd. We will review the topic “Reflections” and discuss the November challenge topic, “Something New”.

PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES: September 28th is the last blood moon. If the weather is right we are in the part of the country to get good color. Scottsville’s Invasion of The Scarecrows is October 3rd on the square.

The 2nd Tuesday meeting is October 13th- challenge topic is “Reflections”.VISITORS were: Sherrie Davison, Alex Gibbs, and Denazy Pradeep. We gained one new member, Matt Bryant.

Sheila Reeves again reminded everyone that she will be stepping down as President at the end of this year. If you are interested please talk to her.After the Challenge slide show was a member slide show “It’s a Beautiful World” by Sheila Reeves.

Then our main speaker was David Johnston from Nashville. His topic was The 24 Hour Shooting Guide- his tips on how to take great photos anytime of the day or night.

Respectfully submitted,

Sheila Lunty


August Club Meeting Notes

The August 11, 2015 meeting was called to order by President Sheila Reeves.  We had three visitors: Devlon and Sara Benyo, and Matt Bryant.Sheila asked who planned to enter the Horticulture Magazine photo contest and reminded us that the deadline to enter is August 15th.

Sunny 16 will have their gallery show at the Presbyterian Church Gallery in October.  Drop off will be Thursday, October 15- with the Gallery Hop and reception on Friday, October 16th.  Right now it looks like two or three pieces each, depending on number of participants.  If you would like to display more than that, please list which ones you would prefer hung first.

Our September 8th meeting will have a guest speaker: David Johnston from Nashville.  His topic will be shooting landscapes 24 hours a day.  If you think you can only do this at certain hours, come listen and get some ideas.

If there is interest a field trip to Jenny Wiley State park is possibly planned for the weekend of October 23 to 25.  If anyone is interested please let Sheila Reeves know.

The fourth Tuesday meeting at the Alive Center will be Tuesday August 25th at 7. Review will be “single color”and the new topic will be “reflection”.  If anyone wants to bring camera or other equipment to get pointers on please do.  If you have prints on computer or otherwise you would like “gentle critique” or advice on bring those too.  This is a more relaxed meeting and topics vary according to interest of attendees.

As always we had several great pictures in both the Challenge and Open slide shows.  September Challenge topic is single color- this does not mean everything has to be the exact same color.  It can be shades of the same color, or predominantly one color.  October’s topic is reflections- come to the August 25th meeting or the September 8th for more information. Start thinking about the November Challenge topic: Something New. Sheila Reeves explained that this could be taking sports photos if you haven’t done that before, or if you shoot mostly portraits, try a landscape. Our main program was broken down to three mini workshops.  Donn Miertl did his last part of his series on light, Erin Denny presented how to pose couples and hide a few flaws/accentuate the positive, and Sheila Reeves did creating a photobook in Lightroom.  Links or more information has been posted on the Sunny 16 Camera Club page.

Sheila Reeves said that she will be giving up her position as president at the end of this year.  She has served two years and will continue with the club, but stated that she hopes someone will step up.  If you are interested and have questions, please contact her for more information.

Respectfully submitted,

Sheila Lunty